About Mead extension 2012 "51" Labor Day Holiday


Dear customer:

According to "the general office of the State Council on 2012 part of the holiday notice" (2011) the central government (No. 45) the spirit and the arrangement of the company, "five one" International Labor Day meizan extension staff will vacation days off from April 29, 2012 to May 1st, a total of 3 days, April 28, 2012 (Saturday) normal work. During the holiday, if you have a server maintenance problems, please submit to Qfeedback@maznetop.com address. During the holiday, if you have the site, please submit to meizan's official website "my feedback extension", after the end of the holidaywe will solve as soon as possible. Or contact the relevant customer service or sales staff. If the inconvenience to your work, please understand.

Mead Tuo Gong I wish you happy holidays!

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