Hand in hand to move forward


Phoenix not Mexican rifle painting, landscape no stringed Guqin million.

Known as the "Fengshan Fu water Fuying" Lantau Peak scenic spots, is indeed the natural landscape, beautiful scenery, is a good place for leisure and edify sentiment. In order to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, at the same time let you relax, in May 5th, Shenzhen meizan extension network technology Co., organized the "hand in hand, to move forward" outdoor activities.

Activities of the day although the heavy rain but did not reduce the meizan extension of the passion,we have arrived at the foot of Phoenix mountain. After the collection, began a trip to Lantau Peak.High visibility of Lantau Peak in Shenzhen, come here to relax a lot of people, a temple, stacked,filled with smoke, like a fairyland. We are in the embrace of nature can not forget for a long time,have in the beautiful natural landscape as a souvenir photo.

Wonderful time is always short, in addition to organizing outdoor play outside the company also made a special arrangement for a number of small game companies to promote team spirit of collaboration. After entering the game link, meizan extension like a valiant warrior, ready to cry in unison, proud of his own name and slogan. Afternoon games not only physical exam we also testthe intelligence we. The first game is "all the line", this is a game I am most impressed, "and the line"is a seemingly simple physical game, but everyone in the team of physical fitness are not the same,when his teammates break, the players will encourage each other, cheer. At the end of the first game, the second game is "elite group", is we need to use our brains, scores fall team is alsohoping to keep up with this round rack sth., even leading. The last game is "blind wear slippers", issurprisingly, this round of game players showed "innovation slippers", the whole process is veryinteresting. All parts of PK down, finally gave birth to the champion team, the winning team is always ever personally giving, behind the team won by everyone to embrace the consolation prize.

This event, members of each team from the strange to the understanding to work together, to break the boundaries of gender, Department, quickly into the team. We actively participate in, work and pull together, fighting for their team to benefit by mutual discussion. We face multiple tests, physicalintelligence and creativity, a collection of collective strength, strive to go beyond the activities in the field, everywhere can feel the fun of the teamwork and innate sense of honor team.

After the event, we have said, although the time duration is not long, but very enjoy this eventbrings meaning, not only familiar with more colleagues, but also fully realize the importance of unity and cooperation; not only the body and mind to relax well, can feel the beauty of the team, eachextension of the big family passion.

Although the end of the event, but we show people meizan extension in the activity of the spirit of teamwork and courageously forward heart will always remain, the promotion of friendship between colleagues and team awareness will make the last meizan extension step higher, farther to the new level. Go back to work on the meizan extension will continue to take our weapons, be fully equipped for, rushed towards new goals!

Praise be to walk through a storm of extension

All the line team dinner

Brainstorming had total players for Pegasus tower awards.

Active sales are playing meizan extension are dear