The second worry-free foreign trade Training Camp - background o


This is a season full of hope, maybe you still worry about how to find a new direction; maybe youstill own career and maybe you are still be nonplussed over sth.; all the unknown knowledge and distress. Here, we worry about the foreign trade training camp can help you achieve your ideal. As long as you sow the seeds of hope here, pouring sweat, then you will harvest in the future with a bucket of gold!

In April 16, 2012, free trade training camp second business elite class in the training room meizanextension classes, from clothing, electronics and other fields of students participated in this training.In these 7 days, meizan extension operation manager and marketing department, respectively on the background and shop shop promotion to make a detailed explanation.

In the background of curriculum, lecturer, detailed analysis of the details of each module of thebackground, including the use of function, use and special value-added plug-in. The lecturer firstdemo, after their own practical teaching style, greatly improving the learning efficiency, to ensure that every student can operate their own background. The theory of Solid 4 days of exercise course, the background module in email configuration, payment allocation, property allocation,transportation allocation, shop layout, advertising, promotion and management background operation is the key and difficult point, focusing on analysis of one one, and ultimately to thestudents no obstacle to operate shop background.

After the promotion of curriculum, students' learning enthusiasm is the culmination. Promotion offoreign trade has always been people stuck in the throat. Many people may have such a problem,why my shop will not flow, there is no order? Even I have to optimize keywords and promotion effectis so low, why? The same is the owner of a shop, why do people order my waiting too busy to attend to all, but not to a? With the extension of a doubt, meizan network marketing director to students onan article to combat, supplemented by SEO theory courses: PPC how to select accurate and effective keywords; EDM effectiveness maximization and matters needing attention; the use ofwebsite promotion and keyword analysis tool; Google+ community forum marketing; how to analyze the competitors what's happening, timely adjustment of product promotion strategy and so on. After3 days of the end of the course, students are feeling: "actually have so many effective methods to do the promotion!"

The integration of the world economy we will all go together, at the same time, the rapid development of the Internet to promote the continuous development of e-commerce. Theopportunities and challenges, ideal and reality coexist period what should we do?

In fact, we need to make the foreign trade electricity supplier operating their own shop more professional, more selling products; to let more people know your shop; need to know how to reduce the risk and cost of logistics and payment; need to know how to grasp the overall operation of the site. These are our free trade training camp of the mission and value of existence. We can help the foreign trade business of foreign trade is our everlasting ocean sailing, the extension ofvision. As a professional foreign trade business elite incubators, free training camp and look forward to more foreign people together to create brilliant.