Wine tasting, Juyou


"Snow dark with ice drops to the spring to steal, to the moon". The taste with firecrackers gradually faded, a new season -- in March, as pingting girl, green with trees and the warm sunshine, comingto us. Is the so-called spring in March is a good time to go see the peach, in March, Shenzhen is very beautiful, in March foreign trade business circle is bustling.

In March 7th 19, by the Shenzhen meizan extension network technology Co. Ltd. and ShenzhenGuoxiu Trade Co. Ltd. jointly organized the "wine poly friends" private wine tasting held in the beautiful mangrove bay. This tasting a number of experts invited to the foreign trade business in the industry as well as the super big sellers, it is really a number of foreign trade business elite gathered, a scene like growth. The guests are not only good business partner, privately everyoneis very loyal friends and brothers. Provides a relaxed mood of the party for every one of the guests,a good opportunity to deepen friendship. The villa features a large banquet hall, billiards, darts, all kinds of musical instruments, and other private open-air villa night with lights, sipping wine, put down the work in all the troubles and noise, with a very relaxed mood, Pin Jianhong wine, talk aboutlife, there is no exchange of business, a very harmonious atmosphere. The need to thank the hostFang Guoxiu Trading Co., on the reception very meticulous preparation, in addition to a number ofdomestic and foreign wine, for this tasting with a bottle of 1973 Lafite, and all kinds of Chinese and foreign big meal, we were sitting together to talk about various topics, lively discussion of foreign trade, the scene of lively discussion, the guests feel at home. It is really an unforgettable event.